English Lesson Log 158

prized 極為重要, 寶貴的
privilege n. 特權, 特別待遇
Education used to be a privilege instead of a right.
mention n. 提及, 說起
In his speech, the actor was careful to avoid any mention of the sensitive political situation.
observe v. 注意到, 看到, 觀察, 觀測
My mom observed the squirrels in our front yard gathering food for the winter.
fascinating adj. 極有趣的, 迷人的
issue v. 核發, 發給
tend to V. 常常會…, 往往…

as Adj. as S. + be
Though/Although + S. be + Adj.
As fast as Lawrence was, Terry was even faster.
雖然勞倫斯速度很快, 但泰瑞甚至更快。

regarding prep. 關於, 至於
See me in my office later if you have questions regarding today’s lesson.
occupation n. 職業, 工作
On the form is a space to fill in your occupation.
deceased adj. 去逝的, n. 死者
flip v. 迅速翻動, 翻轉
passage …道、通路
silly …バカげた、不合理な、愚かな
proper …適した、ふさわしい、適切な
reveal …漏らす、明かす、公開する
plenty …充分な、たくさんの、豊富な



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