1. a. Their history was passed down across the generations by word of mouth.
    b. By word of mouth the news spread all over the town.
  2. a. Her father would point out to her various things and name them in his own language.
    b. Can you point out her cousin in this picture?
  3. a. If you come to my office, I’ll tell you the story in detail.
    b. Out of the “griot’s" head came pouring the history in unbelievable detail.
  4. a. You were participating in one of the oldest ceremonies of humankind.
    b. If I had the time, I would participate in the game.
    cf.Hundreds of thousands of people take part in this festival.
  5. a. Who tore out pages 16 and 17 from this magazine?
    b. Their forefathers had been torn out from Africa.