be able to do
be afraid (that)
be angry with
be based on
be busy -ing
be choked up with
be curious to do
be different from
be dressed in
be finished
be free from
be free to do
be from
be full of
be going to do
be gone
be good at
be ill in bed
be in trouble
be interested in
be knocked down
be known as
be late for
be made of
be made up of
be no use
be over
be soaked with
be sorry for
be sure (that)
be used to
because of
believe in
black out
both ~ and
break down
bring ~ back
bring ~ in
burn ~ up
burst into
by the way
be about to do
be aware of
be essential to
be happy with
be harmful to
be hungry for
be lacking in
be mad at
be no hand at
be nothing to
be ready to do
be rooted in
be sure of
be willing to do
beat down on
beg of
believe it or not
break open
break out
break up
bring ~ over
by sea
by word of mouth
back up
be anxious to do
be ashamed of
be associated with
be aware of
be aware that
be faced with
be familiar to
be free to do
be liable to
be likely to do
be made up of
be open to
be prepared for
be scared of
be sorry for
be supposed to do
be used to
be willing to do
be wrong with
become accustomed -ing
before long
begin with
break ~ down
bring down
burn up
by night