English Lesson Log 032


■Preposition 前置詞

at < on < in

at 3 p.m.
at Christmas
at breakfast

on Thursday
on June 6. 2017
on my birthday

in the morning
in three weeks
in March
in this week

I stay Osaka at my birthday.
I stay Osaka in Summer.
I will arrive there in 10 minutes.
I will arrive there at 3 o.m.

ahead the schedule
on the schedule
behind the schedule

I’m glad to say that…
I’m afraid to say that…

The sales of ice have been growing for 2 months.
The sales of cola have been shrinking since October.

next, between, behind, under, besides, among, over, across, nearby

How can I get to the Umeda station from Yodobashi-camera.
How do we get there?
Chinese restaurant is across the Maple street of grocery store.
Please go straight for two blocks, turn the [left/right] on the street.
Go straight until you see the Italian restaurant, and then turn right. It’s on the left side.



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