English Lesson Log 175

inspire 刺激する、鼓舞する
pole 極
submarine 潜水艦
uncanny すごい、怖い、恐い
sustainability 持続可能性
break a number of high temperature records
Arctic 北極
unprecedented 前例のない、前代未聞
regain 取り戻す
accelerate 加速する
permanent 永久、恒久、不変
consequence 結果、帰着
reduce 減らす、下げる
contribute 貢献する、寄付する

aim …目的、狙い、意図
involve …関与する、係わる
slab …平板
across …向かい側、横切って
thick …厚い
chamber …房、室内
submerge …沈める
desalination …脱塩、淡化
discharge …n. 流出、解雇 v.下す
criticism …批判
desalinate …脱塩する
significant …重要な
sufficiently …充分に、優に

inventive 独創的
indicate 示す
massive adj. 大量的, 巨大的
polar adj. 極地的, 兩極的
urpecedented adj. 空前的、史無前例的
greenhouse gas n. 溫室氣體
slab n. 厚片, 平板
submerge v. (使)潛入水中, 浸沒
discharge v. 卸下(貨物等), 允許離開
repair v. 彌補, 修補
uncanny adj. 不尋常的, 不可思議的
sustainability n. 永續性, 持續性
hexagonal adj. 六角形的, 六邊的

desalination n. 海水淡化
repair n. 修繕, 修理
under repair 維修中
beyond repair 無法修復
offend v. 冒犯, 得罪
racism n. 種族歧視, 種族主義
prejudice n. 偏見, 歧視
widow v. 喪妻, 喪天
assault v. 攻擊, 毆打
sneak v. 偷偷的走, 潛行
abuse n. 虐待, 傷害

A gang in Jack’s school is causing a lot of trouble.
After saying some offensive things to Maria, Bill said he was sorry.
Jeff feels that the songs he writes are his form of self-expression.
Before you buy a car, think about all of the expenses.
Donna likes a variety of music, not just one kind.
Because her students behaved well, the tescher gave them extra free time.
This dress has no style, so I don’t want to wear it.
Don’t complair about the food, or you’ll offend the cook.
There is a lot of racism in this city.
Don’t feel prejudice toward people because of their personal beliefs.
Mary’s widowd mother has lived with Mary and her husband for five years.



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