English Lesson Log 153

district n. 地區, 區
People from all over the district showed up to the bake sale.
overnight adv.
Judy became a millionaire seemingly overnight.
confess v. 坦白, 承認
confess to N./V-ing
Ethan confessed to the crime after the police questioned him.
prank n. 惡作劇
pull/play a prank on sb.
photobomb v. 亂入, 搶鏡
hibernation n. 冬眠, 休眠
arrival 新來的人, 初到者
as for 至於, 關於
John’s a nice guy, but as for his brother, I can’t say the same.
約翰是個好人, 至於他弟弟, 我就不會這麼說了

Your phone has been ringing for 10 minutes.
Hank has been crying since 8pm.
invade …侵入する
encourage …奨励する、励ます

cuisine n. 菜餚, 烹飪
accommodate v. 滿足, 滿意, 迎合
etiquette n. 禮儀, 禮節
appropriate adj. 適當的, 合適的
dine v. 用餐, 吃飯
dine out 外出用餐, 到餐廳吃飯
snap v. 高聲, 喊叫, 萬聲大喊, 突然發出尖銳音
restriction n. 限制, 規定
dietary restrictions 飲食限制



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