English Lesson Log 154

allergic adj.
be allergic to sth.
allergy n.

when + S. + V1, S1 + V2
-> when + V1-ing/V1-ed, S1 + V2

as …因為, 由於
consider 認為, 視為
be considered 被認為

This really does the trick.
This works wonders.
This works like magic.

chest n. 箱子, 櫃子
There are rumors that somewhere on the island is a chest full of treasure.
assume v. 以為, (理所當然地)認為
I assumed that you wouldn’t be able to come, so I’m happy that you’re here.
flee v.
After losing the battle, the army fled into the mountains.
on the spot 當場, 立即
Randxy was fired on the spot for stealing office supplies.

torso n. 胴体
chest 箱、胸
chest of drawers 引き出し

accomplish 達成, 完成
gruesome 陰惨な、凄絶な
against all odds
fool’s errand

as a result
get rid of
rid – rid – rid
His mother told him to get rid of his old sneakers.

Hit me up when you have time.
Give me holler when you have time.
keep in touch.



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