English Lesson Log 165

interactoin v. 互動
Rosie’s school emphasizes social interaction between the student.
dem v. 變暗, 亮度降低
The theater lights demmed, and the curtain came up, revealing the stage.
overwhelmed adj. 感到難以承受的, 被壓得喘不過氣的
autism n. 自閉症
symptom n. 症狀
checkout n. 情況, 處境, 形勢
This is a very dangerous situation for everyone involved.
impact v. 影響, 作用
The politician’s new policies will likely impact low-income families the most.

One in very four deaths in America is from heart disease.
在美國, 每四位死亡中就有一位是心臟疾病。

in an effort to V. 為了…而做的努力
In an effort to raise awareness of the problem, she put up posters around the neighborhood.
為了喚起這個問題的意識, 她在附近張貼了海報。

inrespect to + N./V-ing 關於, 至於…, 就…而言
The designer was given complete freedom in respect to the look of the product.

in addition to + N./V-ing 除了…之外(還有…)
In addition to skiing, Ed also enjoys running.
除了滑雪, 艾德還喜歡跑步。

in response to N./V-ing 回應, 對…做出回應
In response to your question, I started painting when I was seven years old.
回答你的問題, 我七歲時開始畫畫。

turn off 關掉(電器)
The teacher stated that all mobile phones must be turned off during the lesson.

be knocked off (價錢, 時間)被減少, 降低
The salesperson said that 50 dollars would be knocked off the price if I become a member.
業務員說如果我成為會員, 就可以降價五十元。

be torn down (建築物, 牆等)被拆除。
That building will be torn down next month.

be brought down 被擊落
The bear was brought down by a single shot.

hopefully 但願, 懷著希望地
Hopefully, it won’t rain on the weekend.

exactly 正確地, 正好
This apartment is exactly what I had in mind!

practically 幾乎, 差不多
You can choose from practically a dozen styles.

automatically 自動地
The door automatically opens when I satnd in front of it.



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