English Lesson Log 119

Do you know what my name is?

Activity1 Fill in the blanks to complete a sentence.
1.Where do you live?
Can you tell us where you live?

2.What color does Lucy like?
I want to know what color Lucy likes.

3.How much do I have to pay?
I don’t know how much I have to pay.

4.Does she come?
Do you know if/whether she come (or not)?

5.Does Emma like sweets?
I’m not sure if Emma likes sweets.

6.Who is that boy?
Do you have any idea who that boy is?

7.Who cooked dinner tonight?
Guess who cooked dinner tonight!


Activity2 Practice with your partner. Start your sentence from “Do you know~?"
1.How much does she miss her boyfriend?
2.Does she like me?
3.How fast can he run?
4.Is she a student?
5.Where did Mike go?

Activity3 Make three questions about your classmate and ask the questions to your partner.



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