English Lesson Log 181

opposition n. 反對, 對抗
innumerable adj. 無數的, 數不清的
bully n. 惡霸, 恃強凌弱者
descendant n. 後代, 子孫
gadget n. 小裝置, 小玩意兒
resolve v. 解決, 解除

Because of strong opposition from her parents, Mary isn’t going to marry Dennis.
Jim is having innumerable problems with his new computer.
The bully is very mean to Ken.
Grandma has 10 grandchildren and other descendants.
This gadget is a new kind of flashlight.
The two girls finally resolved their disagreement.

anniversary n. 週年紀念(日)
series pl n. 系列節目, 系列叢書
tableware n. 餐具
milestone n. 里程碑
unauthorized adj. 未經授權的, 未經許可的
visualize v. 想像, 使形象化

Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.
Harry Potter is a very popular book series.
The forks in this tableware set are too small.
For most 18-year-olds, graduating from high school is a milestone in their lives.
Unauthorized staff members are not allowed into this area of the building.
I am visualizing myself on a tropical beach as I plan my vacation.



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