take a bite
take ~ away
take ~ by the shoulders
take care of
take ~ out
take ~ out of
talk to
talk with
thank ~ for
thanks to
That is because
That is how
That is why
that’s all
That’s it.
the same as usual
the same ~ that
There is ~ +過去分詞
There is ~ -ing
think back to
think of (考える)
think of (思いつく)
those who
throw ~ away
to one’s surprise
to pieces
together with
translate ~ from… into
try one’s best
turn ~ down
turn ~ into
turn one’s back
turn round
take ~ for granted
take ~ in
take ~ off
take hold of
take off
take part in
take place
tear ~ out
tell ~ from
thank God
that is to say
the moment…
the next time…
the other day
the  way…
there is no way of -ing
there is no way to do
take ~ for example
take ~ for granted
take ~ into account
take ~ out
take a chance
take a look at
take one’s breath
take part in
take place
take up
tear off
the more ~ , the more…
thread one’s way through
to this day
trial and error
tune ~ in
turn ~ round
turn around
turn away from
turn one’s back
turn out