English Lesson Log 011


I’ll have emotion into it.

real estate …不動産

flattery …お世辞
compliment …賛辞、誉め言葉
Thank you for your compliment.

earlier days …前半の日
later days …後半の日

We take off [shoes / pants / jeans / grasses / globes / pajamas].

Those are nice pajamas.
Would you pass me the red nippers?
I have 2 pairs of globes at home.
Hey, be careful. Scissors are dangerous.
Will you please pack 2 pair of binoculars in your backpack for me?

Mathematics is my favorite subject.

means …手段、方法
A. Only the bus is a means of transportation.
B. There are many means of transportation.

Twenty dollars was stolen.



Economics is my best subject at my school.
I don’t think three days is good enough to travel abroad.
I’ve been watching two television series of this program.
Only five days is not enough for both of you to calm down.
Many species are on the way to extinction.

extinction …絶滅



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