English Lesson Log 116

There are seven small curvy green chairs around the table.
複数の形容詞の語順: OSASHCOM

Activity1 Categorize adjectives you know in the 7 different groups below.
O (opinion)
ex) nice, cute, comfortable, silly, useless, ugly, excellent, stylish, popular, gorgeous, attractive
S (size)
ex) big, small, huge, tiny, tall, short, long, thin, tick, wide, narrow, deep
A (age)
ex) young, old, new, 2-year-old
SH (shape)
ex) curvy, square, round, oval, circular, wavy, curly, rectangle, chubby
C (color)
O (origin)
ex) japanese
M (materials)
ex) plastic, steel, wooden, woolen, cotton

ugly …醜い
attractive …魅力的な
2-year-old …ハイフンを入れた場合単数形になる
origin …原産
woolen …毛

Activity2 Put the words in right order
1.(Italian / flashy / 2-year-old)
I found a flashy 2-year-old Italian car for a good price on the Internet.
2.(tin / lovely / old)
The house has a lovely old tin post-box.
3.(wooden / brand-new / big)
My uncle built a big brand-new wooden house last year.
4.(interesting / bronze / tall)
Have you seen the interesting tall bronze sculpture at the entrance?
5l(old / long /confusing)
I have been reading confusing long old book for this entire week.

flashy …輝かしい
tin …ブリキ製の
brand-new …新しい、サラピン
this entire week …今週全部

Try this! Listen and change the order.
1.He has a small old white cat.
2.Lucy is the girl, who has nice long wavy brown hair.
3.Six cool young French men were studing at the corner.

Activity3 Pick 3 different items in the class room and describe each item to your partner.



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