English Lesson Log 090

I turned off the light as I left the room.
二つの出来事が同時に起こる = at the same time
I had to lock the room as I was the last person leaving.
理由を表す = because

  1. I didn’t even hear her footsteps
    [at the same time] as my mother came into the room.
  2. We walked home as we talked about today’s lesson.
    We talked about today’s lesson as we walked home.
  3. I wanted to go out somewhere [because] as it was a national holiday.
  4. Can you turn off the air conditioner as you go out.
  5. As our car is getting old. we should buy a new one.

I heard a noise as I was leaving the room.
= at the same time
We had to leave just as the conversation was getting interesting.
= at the same time

He drop something as he was getting out a bus.
Just as I sat down, somebody called my cell phone. [the phone rang.]



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