English Lesson Log 102

I gave you a pen.
第四文型 SVOO(O≠O)
I gave a pen to you.
第三文型 SVO

第一文型(SV):Birds fly
第二文型(SVC):She feels happy
第三文型(SVO):She bought a present
第四文型(SVOO):She gave me a present
第五文型(SVOC):She called me Hanako

第五文型 SVOC O=C


I gave him a direction.
I gave a direction to him.
Hanako teaches English to students.
Hanako teaches students English.
I’ll fax him the document tomorrow.
I’ll fax the document to him tomorrow.
Cindy bought her mother an iPhone case.
Cindy bought an iPhone case for her mother.
I’l cook you something.
I’ll cook something for you.
Can I get you something to drink?
Can I get something to drink fr you?


I found a seat for her. / I found her a seat.
I recommend you this restaurant. / I recommend this restaurant to you.



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