English Lesson Log 103

I’m going to come to the institute on Mondays in August.

be going to~

■ 実現性が低い
will 今思いついた
It will rain tomorrow. 予測
I will go to hospital tomorrow. 意志
will be doing
I will be flying to Japan by then. 自然な成り行きでその時そうなっているだろう
be going to 前から決めていた
I am going to go to hospital tomorrow. つもり、予定
be doing
I am going to hospital tomorrow. 既に準備をしている

There will be a great earthquake in Kansai area.
I will stop smoking.
The car is going to hit the bicycle.
I am going to go on a trip for a few days from tomorrow morning.
It has just started raining. I will call a taxi.
We [will go]/[will be going] to the usual izakaya restaurant.
Are you [going to stay]/[staying] in Japan long?
This train will be stopping at Hiroshima.
We are having a party tonight.
Don’t worry, she is in the office tomorrow. She is taking care of it.

We are going to have a party in September.
Sounds good, well we will have a party then.
My parents are out tonight, so we will be having a party.



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