English Lesson Log 135

“Have" and “Have got"

I have 2 sisters. -> I’ve got 2 sisters.
I have a headache. -> I’ve got a headache.
We have a small garden. -> We’ve got a small garden.
I have a few problems. -> I’ve got a few problems.
We have a nice room with a view at the hotel. -> We’ve got a nice room with a view at the hotel.
I had long hair when I was young. -> I had long hair when I was young.

Have you got a pen? (you got a pen? = got a pen?)
Have you got a cold?
How much have you got?
Have you got an umbrella?
Have you got the time? = Do you have the time?
Have you got some time? = Have you got a minute?
Have you got a girl/boy friend?
Have you got any plans for today?
Have you got any good ideas for a holloween costume?

Have you got a car? / Yes, I’ve got a car. / No, I haven’t got a car.
1.免許を持っていますか / はい
drivers license / Yes, I’ve got one.
2.何か質問ありますか? / いいえ
No, I haven’t got any.
3.20年前は携帯を持っていましたか? / いいえ
Did you have a cell phone 20 years ago?
4.子供のころペットを飼っていましたか? / はい
Yes, I had a dog. Yes, I did.

haveを使って(have gotはX)
朝食を食べる …have breakfast
お昼を食べる …have lunch
晩御飯を食べる …have dinner
コーヒーを飲む …have (some) coffee
何か食べる …have something to eat
事故にあう …have an aqucident
経験する …have an experience
夢を見る …have a dream
休憩をとる …have a break
シャワーを浴びる have/take a sower
パーティーを開く …have a party
見てみる …have a look
おしゃべりする …have a chat
会話をする …have a conversation
話し合う …have a disscassion
難しい …have difficulty ~ing(N.)
大変 …have trouble ~ing(N.)
楽しい have fun ~ing(N.)
子供を産む have a baby /give birth / bear child
よいフライトを! have a nice flight

I’ve got a sandwich for lunch.(現在の所有)
I have a sandwich for lunch. (所有、食べる)



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