English Lesson Log 114

I’ll have him go.

Activity1 Fill in the3 blanks.
1.We always make our kids do their homework before they go out.
2.I’ll have my subordinate make copies of the documents.
subordinate …部下
3.My company always makes employees work over time.
4.I couldn’t get him to sign the contract.
5.Let me open the box!
6.I can’t get this computer to work.
7.I will have my friend text you the address later.
8.Some parents just let their kids do whatever they like in public places.
9.I have/had my car repaired.
10.We want to make him quit smoking, but it’s not going to be easy.

Activity2 Listen and write English sentences.
1.Let me take pictures.
2.Her boyfriend had/made her pay.
3.Don’t make me laugh.

Activity3 Is there anything you don’t usually do yourself and make (or have) other people do for you?
cook dinner / copy documents / serve tea / clean the bath room / make a reservation



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