English Lesson Log 184

噩耗 sad news of the death of a beloved person

unearth v. 掘出, 使出土
mound n. 出推
possess v. 有, 擁有
resemble v. 看起來像, 與…相似
refer v. 提及, 談及
defenseless adj. 無防禦的
The scientists unearthed some old bones in this field.
A mound of earth filled the yard.
He doesn’t possess the skills to do the job.
The little boy resembles his father.
New York City is often referred to as the Big Apple.
The soldier was defenseless without his sword.

purchase v. 購買
slightly adv. 稍微, 略微
exception n. 例外的事物
solar adj. 太陽的
publish v. 出版, 發表
differ v. 跟…不一樣, 有區別
The couple purchased their first house last week.
Lydia got a slightly higher grade than Emily.
There always seems to be an exception to every rule!
Solar power might be a good source of electricity.
Studio Classroom magazine is published every month.
Seth and Ethan’s ideas of a fun activity differ significantly.



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