English Lesson Log 161

barefoot adv. 赤腳地, adj. 赤腳的 …裸足
orchard n. 果園 …果樹園
settlement …定住

persuade 說服
oppose v. 反對
Most citizens oppose the proposed tax increase.
harvest n, v 收成, 收穫
We’re expecting a large corn harvest this year.
committed adj. 承諾的, 忠誠堅定的
be committed to N./V-ing. 承諾要
Janet is commited to losing three kilograms before the end of the month.
settler n. 移民者, 殖民者
settlement n. 定居地, 聚落, 殖民
Early settlers to the New World had to face many difficult challenges.
diligent adj. 勤奮的
The teacher think that Scott is a focused and diligent student.
motivatoin n. 動機, 誘因
Joe’s primary motivation for selling his car is that he hardly ever drives it these days.

popularize v. 使受歡迎, 喜愛
prediction n. 預料, 預計 …予測
frugal adj.節儉的. 樸素的 …質素、倹約、控えめ

For many people, certain foods can make them feel heavy after eating. That’s because those foods are likely high in fat.
對許多人來說, 某些食物吃完後會使他們覺得難消化。 那是因為那些食物脂肪含量可能很高。

These posters are not meant to stay up forever; they’ll be replaced every month.
這些海報不是永久的; 它們每個月都會更換。
be not meant to … …~を意図したものではない

It’s not surprising at all that Bernie was chosen for the position.

It wasn’t lack of exercise that led to my health problems but rather my poor diet.
導致我健康出問題的不是缺乏運動, 反而是飲食不良。

Operation Paperclip
Operation Apple pie
humble …謙虚な
generous 大方 <-> 小氣
refuse …拒絶
religius …信仰深い
Juice …果汁

humble …謙虚
generous …気前の良い
further …その上、更に
attract …引き付ける、うっとりさせる
encourage …推奨する
prove …照明する
serious …真剣な、深刻な
bear …生む、産む、つける、結ぶ、身につける、帯びる

figure 予想する
prediction …予想、予測
be credited with …ing …~すると信用される



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