English Lesson Log 162

我們生活中面臨困難時, 很自然會想要放棄。
When we are faced with difficulties in our life, it is natural to want to give up.
be faced with difficulties
face difficulties

諾爾瑪遇到一個困難的選擇; 接受這項交易或是等待更好的提議。
Norma was faced with a difficult choice; take the deal or wait for a better offer.

You don’t have to face your problems alone.

It is hard to imagine a workd without animals.

Ali gave uo his job in Taipei and moved to Los Angeles.
阿里放棄在台北的工作, 搬到洛杉磯去了。

Ted finally quit smoking after 20 years as a heavy smoker.
泰德在作了二十年的老菸槍後, 終於戒菸了。

雖然想放棄的欲望可能很強烈, 但別讓牠阻止你追求夢想。
Though the urge to gquit can be strong, don’t let it keep you from pursuing your dreadm.

Thought/Although/While S. + V., S. + V.
urge 欲望, 衝動
the/one’s urge to V. …做某事的欲望

Many teenagers often go an extreme diets just because they want to look thin.

然而, 不當的節食可能對人體造成嚴重的傷害。
However, an improper diet can cause serious damage to the human body.
proper 適當的
numb v. 使麻木, 失去感覺

我覺得有點懶, 韓國料理如何?
I’m feeling pretty lazy, how about korean?

別忘了優惠代碼, 超過新台幣五百元就可折抵五十元。
Don’t forget the voucher code. It’s $50 off for orders over $500.
$50 off for orders over $500
up to 70% off (三折起)
buy one, get one free
buy two, get the third one 50% off

It’s the driver. He can’t finde the place.
get lost
lose one’s way

很遺憾, 看起來我們拿到的餐點並不正確。
Unfortunately, it looks like we didn’t get the correct order.

get the wrong order 拿到的餐點
delivery n. 遞送, 遞送之物
I’m expecting a delivery later this afternoon.
code n. 代碼, 密碼
voucher code 優惠代碼
be up for + N./V-ing. 想要, 願意做…
encounter v. 遭遇, (偶然)遇到
I ercountered some problems while trying to set up my new computer.

buzz v. ブザーを鳴らす
I won’t be home when you get here, but someone will buzz you into the building.

starve v. 餓死, 挨餓
be starving 非常餓, 餓扁了
tremendous adj. 極好的, 巨大的
It’s such a tremendous concert.

be supposed to V. 應該做某事 …~することになっている、~するはず
How long is it supposed to take?

hold on 等等, 等一下
overpass 天橋, 高架橋
gimme = give me



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