English Lesson Log 163

appropriate adj. 適當的, 合適的 …適切な
It is not appropriate to talk loudly at the theater.
appropriately …適切に

dine v. 用餐, 吃飯
dine out 外出用餐, 到餐廳吃飯
Charlie usually dines alone but will have lunch with friends today.
Sandy made dinner reservations at the restaurant for 7 p.m.

snap v. 高聲喊叫, 厲聲大喊, 突然發出尖銳聲音
The teacher snapped to get Randy’s attention.

restriction n. 限制, 規定
dietary restrictions 飲食限制
The government plans to ease import restrictions.

etiquette n. 禮儀, 禮節
cuisine n. (一國或某地區的)菜餚, 烹飪
accommodate v. 滿足, 迎合, 遷就(某人的要求)

不及物動詞 …自動詞
及物動詞 …他動詞

when + V-ing
When + S. + V1, S. + V2
-> When + V-ing, S. + V2
When I eat French fries, I use a log of ketchup.
-> When eating French fries, I use a log of ketchup.

You should order your …
You should order your own main course, as it’s considered a bit rude to share one dish.
as 因為, 由於
You should try to walk your dog at least three times a day, as dogs need a lotof exercise.
你應該試著每天至少遛三次狗, 因為狗需要大量運動。

consider 認為, 考慮
it’s considered a bit rude to …
Rwanda is considered the safest country in Africa.
In Jewish culture, it’s considered lucky to get married at the beginning of the month.
在猶太文化中, 在月初結婚被認為是幸運的。

there you have it 就是這樣, 現在你了解了吧
be armed with sth. 配備…, 提供…
You are armed with …, and you can be sure…
Armed with this knowledge you can be sure that your next trip abroad will be full of delicious food…and good table manners.

embarrassment n. 難堪, 尷尬, 令人尷尬的事 …恥ずかしい、恥
David turned red from embarrassment after realizing he called the teacher “Mom".

contribute v. 捐助, 貢獻, 出(錢, 力, 主意等) …貢献する、助ける、寄付する、出す
All of the group members will need to contribute if we hope to get a good grade on the project.

hesitate v. 遲疑, 猶豫 …ためらう、渋る、躊躇する、
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

acceptable adj. 可接受的, 可容許的
At the night market , paying with credit cards is not an acceptable method of payment.

The museum has a collection of treasures from every corner of the globe.

potential adj. 可能存在的, 潛在的
verbally adv. 口頭地, 言語上 …口で、口頭で
rundown n. 綱要, 概要, 詳細報告
rundown of/on N.

It’s a long story, so I’m not sure where to begin.
這是說來話長, 所以我不確定要從哪裡說起。
As long as there are seats available, you can seat yourself.
as/so long as 只要
As long as you stick to the main roads, you should find the place easily.
只要你持續走在主要道路上, 你應該會很容易找到地方。
There are many fee tools available for anyone looking to get into programming.
Mary seated herself in front of the piano and began to play a beautiful une.

instead of …介係詞, 之後接被取代的N.或V-ing, 表示"代替…; 而不是…"
instead …副詞, 表示"作為代替; 反而; 相反地"
The singer’s next album will be released in April instead of September.
這名歌手的下一張專輯將會在四月發行, 而不是九月。
I didn’t feel like going to the park, so I stayed home instead.
我不想去公園, 所以我待在家裡。



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