English Lesson Log 183

comprehensive adj. 全面的, 詳盡的
initiative n. 新措施, 倡議
scam n. 詐騙, 欺詐
legitimate adj. 合法的, 正當的
vulnerability n. 弱點, 易受攻擊
designate v. 指定, 委派

The company did a comprehensive study on the causes of water pollution in the city.
The committee started a bunch of initiatives to stop littering in the neighborhood.
I am afraid to answer the phone. There are so many scams out there right now.
Martha said she had a legitimate reason for getting to the meeting late.
That man used all the compant’s vulnerabilities to take control of their asets.
The team designated Tom to get coffee for them.

update v. 為…提供最新資訊, 更新
awe n. 敬畏, 驚嘆
dynasty n. 朝代, 王朝
initially adv. 起初, 最初
restore v. 修復
tomb n. 陵墓, 憤墓

Could you please update the committee on the plans for the party?
They looked with awe at the huge mountains.
Thirteen dynasties ruled ancient China.
He wanted to go initially, but he changed his mind.
The old building has been restored to its former beauty.
The king is buried in this tomb.



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