1. S + V(=be動詞) + C(=疑問詞で始まる節)
    a. The question is when the rainy season will be  over this year.
    b. The problem is what kind of people we are.
  2. S + V + O + O(=疑問詞で始まる節)
    a. I asked her why she had stopped drinking soft drinks.
    b. Many Japanese asked me what Americans were really like.
  3. S + V + O + C(=動詞の原型)
    a. His story made me feel that Japanese were better than Americans.
    b. The mother did not let her child swim in that river.
    c. Last Sunday I had my son plant these trees here.
  4. 完了形の受動態
    a. I have been hurt by many people in Japan.
    b. The gate has been closed since last month.
    c. They said the room had not been used for many years.
  5. 助動詞 + 受動態:willなど + be + 過去分詞
    a. Many animals will be saved by protecting these woods.
    b. The banana can be easily and completely eaten.
    c. These bools must not be taken away from this room.
  6. 比較級
    a. A banana has a tougher skin than a peach.
    b. Will you speak more slowly, please?