A. 分詞構文<2>…現在分詞を用いる場合
  1. Getting to the stadium early, you will be ableto get a good seat.
    (=If you get to the stadium early, you will be able to get a good seat.)
  2. Many articles have appeared in recent years, saying that there are no more heroes in the world.
  3. Feeling bad, I stayed in bed all day.
  4. Ignoring his doctor’s advice, Tom never stopped smoking.
    cf. Speaking of watches, my sister has an expensive one.
    There being no taxi, John had to walk all the way home.
B. if節のない仮定法
  1. A good friend would never break a promise.
    (=If you were a good friend of mine, you would never break a promise.)
  2. Some great figures of one time would surprise the people of another generation.
  3. Without these good actors, I would not have succeeded in making this film.
    cf. Could you pass me the salt, please?