A. S + V + O + C(=動詞の原型、現在分詞、過去分詞)
  1. They often heard Mary play the violin.
  2. Trevor saw a man lying on the ground.
    cf. A man was lying on the ground.
  3. I had my hair cut at the barber’s.
  4. Because of her bad pronunciation, Yoko could not make herself understood in English.
B. 関係代名詞の非制限的用法
  1. I have an American friend, who can speak Japanese very well.
    (= I have an American friend, and he can speak Japanese very well.)
  2. It has a budget of 82 million dollars, which mainly comes from donations.
  3. I once took a trip with Kazuko, whose sister is a famous singer.
  4. John always talks about the beauty of nature to his son, whom he loves very much.