A. 譲歩を表す副詞節[句] まとめ
  1. You can listen to the wind whether it blows through a forest or sings a chorus around the eaves of your house.
  2. Wherever you are and whatever your resources, you can still look up at the sky.
  3. Whomever in the classroom the teacher may ask, he will not get any answer on this point.
    cf. On her birthday, Jane could choose whichever she wanted as a gift.
  4. Though [Although] Susie felt sorry for herself, she never gave up.
  5. Poor as we were in knowledge, we were full of hopes and ideals.
    (=Though we were poor in knowledge, we were full of hopes and ideals.)
  6. With all his faults, I will love my husband.
  7. For all his strength, the rider wants to be better at bicycle racing.
    *even if [though], in spite of など