English Lesson Log 048

It’s time… + 仮定法

1.You think the children should be in bed. It’s already midnight.
It’s time you went to bed.

2.You haven’t had a holiday for a very long time. You need one now.
It’s time I had a holiday.

3.You’re sitting on a train waiting for it to leave the station. It’s already 10 minutes late.
It’s time [it/the train] left the station.

4.You enjoy having parties. You haven’t had one for a long time.
It’s time I had a party.

5.Mark has been doing the same job for the last 12 years. He should try something else.
It’s time he tried something else.

6.Emily has had toothache for a week, but she hasn’t been to the dentist yet.

7.James is now going to university from this September. However, he is not good at computers and he can’t use any basic software like Word or Power Point.

8.Your mother uses the phone she bought 5 years ago, It’s very old, and it doesn’t work properly anymore. You can’t call or text her.



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