English Lesson Log 066


This is Masaaki, who lives in Japan. He is very interested in photography, which he has been practicing since high school. Scenery is his favourite subject to photograph. Japan has very diverse and wonderful scenery, from grand mountains to city skylines. This makes it an ideal place for photographers.

“Tokyo, which is Japan’s biggest city and as well as the capital, is a very exciting place to take pictures," says Masaaki.
Masaaki, who is from a minute town in the northwest of Japan, enjoys going to the city because it is so different from where he grew up. “There’s never a boring moment in Tokyo; everyone is always on the move, there’s always something to do, something to see," he says, He does admit, though that as a boy he was frightened of the crowds of people, the traffic, and the noise. “But as an adult, I am always exited to visit Tokyo," he says.

One can find many serene places in Japan, too. Near the city of Yamagata, which is in the southwest, there are very beautiful mountains. “In the mountains, you can take a walk in a temple that is full of trees and calming gardens," Masaaki tells. “Japanese temples are great places to refresh yourself. I always feel so relaxed after visiting one."

Photography is exciting, relaxing, and also challenging, according to Masaaki. “If I don’t feel challenged by a hobby, I don’t continue to do it," explains Masaaki. “I always want to be learning something, you know?" One such challenge, which happened in 2011, was photographing the aftermath on a tsunami that hit Fukushima a town on Japan’s eastern coastline. “It was really shocking," Masaaki says. “The town and everything around it had been destroyed. I couldn’t believe it. I spent the whole day talking to the survivors, who were devastated, of course. The people, whose homes were now gone, told me they were worried that another tsunami would hit. Photographing the broken homes and shops, which were still full of water, was really depressing."

Yet Japan is still a place of unique beauty, Masaaki says. He would encourage everyone to visit. “Whether you like big, exciting cities or small, charming towns, there is something for everyone," says Masaaki. “Just come and see for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed."



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