English Lesson Log 118

“The Minions" is back.
Be動詞 + 副詞

Activity1 Fill the blanks using the words below.
off, in, up, back, on, out, down, away
1.A: I want to go to Okinawa this summer, what do you think?
B: I’m in!
2.A: May I speak to Mr. Thunders, please?
B:I’m sorry. He’s out/away all day today.
3.A: Don’t leave me alone here!
B: Don’t worry. I’ll be back in 5 minutes.
4.A: Hey, what7s up?
B: I’m all right, and yourself?
5.A: I have no internet connection.
B: Yeah, it’s been down for a few hours.
6.A: Hold on, I can’t find my passport!
B: You’re better to hurry! The departure is only an hour away.
7.A: I feel like watching a movie. Do you want to come with me?
B: What’s on now?

8.This new is just in. …ニュースはどこかで起こって入ってくる
9.The sun is out now!
10.All the lights are on.
11.Time is up.

in …参加、到着
up …尽きる、起こる、生じる
on …作動している
down …寝込む、故障する
away …離れている、不在、いない
on ⇔ off

Activity2 Practice 1 – 7 in Activity1 with your partner.

Activity3 Ask your partner out for a movie. Decide which movie, what time, date, which movie theater, where to meet up.



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