English Lesson Log 117

I’ll eat a cookie now and keep another.
不定代名詞: 漠然と不特定の人や物を指す代名詞

Activity1 What other words are an indefinite pronoun?
1.I have some books to read.
2.We don’t have any!
3.Because of the flue, all of the students were absent.
4.The party was boring. None of them enjoyed it.
5.They needed two more people, so both of us needed to go.
6.They need one more perso, so (n)either of us can stay.
7.They had enough people, so none of us have to go.

flue …
all of the story was made up
none of them be: 単数○、複数△

Activity2 Fill in the blanks using the words below.
other, the other, others, the others, another
1.I don’t like the design. Do you have others in black? ⦿ ○〇〇●●●
2.Can I have another dcup of coffee? ⦿ ●○〇〇〇
3.I’ll take the blue one, you can take the other. ⦿ ●
4.The others went on the school trip, but I didn’t. ⦿ ●●●●●●
5.I want to know other opinions. ⦿ ●●○●〇〇

Try this!
1.One is so sweet and the other is so big.
2.Tomorrow is another day.

Activity3 Have you ever done anything different from others? Describe the situation to your partner.



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