1. S + V
    a. Today we live in a very small world.
    b.They sang and danced for a long time.
  2. S + V(=be動詞) + C(=名刺、形容詞)
    a. We are member of this village.
    b. Long ago traveling was hard and dangerous.
  3. S + V + O(=名刺、代名詞)
    a. Every day we watch world news on TV.
    b. This dictionary helps me a lot.
  4. a. We are different in many ways.
    b. He usually walks to school on fine days.
    c. Travelers usually walked or sailed for a long time.
    d. I saw the movie on TV last night.
    e. English will help us a lot.
    f. She will be sixteen years old tomorrow.