1. S + V + O(=thatで始まる節)
    a. We believe that the fire burns up all the bad things.
    b. Do you know (that) there is a food like “natto" in Africa?
  2. S + V(=be動詞以外)  + C(=名詞、形容詞)
    a. She became a famous movie star.
    b. We feel very proud and very happy.
    c. They got wet because they forgot their umbrellas.
  3. S + V + O + O
    a. The festival gives us great joy.
    b. My mother told me the story of her first love.
  4. S + V + O + C(=名詞)
    a. We call the festival Thingyan.
    b. We made Bab captain of our soccer team.
  5. 不定詞(1): to + 動詞の原型
    a. We really like to look at these dolls. (名詞的用法)
    b. There were no more dolls to burn. (形容詞的用法)
    c. An old woman came to see my mother last night. (副詞的用法)
  6. 進行形: be + -ing(現在分詞)
    a. While we are walking, we feel proud and happy.
    b. Was she waiting for you at the station? Yes, she was. / No, she wasn’t.