1. S + V + O + to do
    a. He wanted other Americans to enjoy tomatoes.
    b. He always asks me to go to the movies with him.
  2. 受動態: be + 過去分詞
    a. Tomatoes were brought to Europe by the Spanish.
    b. Tomatoes are used in many ways.
    c. Are apples grown in this village? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.
  3. 不定詞(2)…感情の原因を表す
    a. People were surprised to see such small tomatoes.
    b. Judy was happy to get a birthday present from John.
  4. 動名詞
    a. Johnson continued eating tomatoes.
    b. The “Pomato" was made by combining tomatoes and potatoes.
    c. Seeing is believing.