1. 助動詞 + have + 過去分詞 — 過去の事柄に関する推量
    a. I must have seen “E.T." around 40 times.
    cf. She could not come. So I had to see “E.T." alone that night.
    b. She may have come to see me yesterday.
    c. You cannot have seen Tom at the party. He has not arrived in Japan yet.
  2. 不定詞の受動態:to be + 過去分詞
    a. He was very glad to be invited to dinner.
    b. There is still a world of wonder to be found in the universe.
  3. 比較級を用いた最上級表現
    a. I like summer better than any other season.
    cf. I like summer (the) best ( of all seasons).
    b. Steven inspires me more the anybody on earth today.