1. S +V + O(=ìt) + C + 不定詞
    a. I found it difficult to read Japanese classical novels.
    b. She thought it best to stay home and read on a rainy Sunday.
  2. 関係副詞whereの非制限的用法
    a. I went into the restaurant, where I happened to meet my aunt.
    b. Hibiya Park, where people can enjoy concerts all year, was opened in 1903.
    c. Seniority is deeply rooted in China, Korea and Japan, where Confucianism has played a big role.
  3. 注意すべき比較級
    a. Older family members lead younger ones.
    b. In her younger days, she used to go skiing in the mountains.
    c. He is a very busy lawyer, but you can see him in the earlier hours of the day.