1. It is + 形容詞[名詞] + that節
    a. It is very nice that you are coming to Japan next spring.
    b. It is a fact that you have seen UFOs several times?
  2. S + V + O + O(=疑問詞 + to do)
    a. They showed us how to make handmade postcards.
    b. I told them where to buy tickets for the soccer game.
  3. S + V + O + C(=過去分詞)
    a. I heard my name called just when I was going into a flower shop.
    cf. My name was called.
    b. I usually have my clothes cleaned at this shop.
    c. Our school is going to get our used plastic things recycled.
  4. 現在完了進行形:have[has] been + 過去分詞
    a. We have been waiting for Tom for over thirty minutes.
    b. Our school has been doing something to help save the environment.
  5. 関係代名詞 what(=the thing(s) which[that])
    a. What each of us can do is little.
    b. Love is what we need to bring peace to the world.