A. 名詞節を導く接続詞 that
  1. The truth is that it is impossible to lay down these rules.
  2. The fact is that the castle was completely destroyed by the battle.
    *The point is that…, The reason is that… etc
B. 前置詞 + 関係代名詞
  1. They have achieved something to which nothing could be added.
  2. These are the wonderful carvings about which I told you yesterday.
    cf. I gave Tom some advice, to which he would not listen.
C. 倒置…否定語[目的語]が文頭に来る場合
  1. Little did she dream of winning the game so easily.
    cf. She dreamed little of winning the game so easily.
  2. Nor have these artists disagreed with us.
  3. Never in all my life have I seen such a sad accident.
  4. Not a word did she say when she left me.
    cf. She did not say a word when she left me.
  5. People who worry over things we may call fussy.