English Lesson Log 028


All, Every and Whole

Everybody has a passport.
All of us have a passport.
All I’ve eaten today was Origin.

All I can…
All I need…

All you can eat. = Everything you can eat. …食べ放題

He really know everything. = He really knows [all things/all the things].
Everything went wrong. = All things went wrong.
He doesn’t know it at all.

[the/her] whole life
all [the/her] life

suspicious …不審な

Everybody has their faults.
Everything is the same as usual. Nothing has changed.
Money is not [all things/everything]!
All I had was 5 dollars.
All of us left the office at the same time.
I just couldn’t agree with everything she said.
All She said was good-bye.
I read the whole book. I like it.
I spent all the money.



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