1. S + V(=近く動詞) + O + C(=動詞の原型)
    a. Did you hear a dog bark last night?
    b. I watch her turn from the chase to the machine.
    c. She felt something touch her back.
  2. It seems [looks] + as ifで始まる節
    a. It seems as if we are going to win this time.
    b. For a moment it looks as if she is going to ignore the music.
    *as ifの後に仮定法を用いることもある
    It seems as if the rain would never stop.
  3. 主語と動詞の一致
    a. Ten dollars is a lot of money in this family.
    b. Six months is a long time to wait.
    cf. Six months have passed since the baby was born.