1. 仮定法過去完了…過去の事実に反する仮定を表す
    a. If you had taken a taxi, you might not have been late.
    cf. You did not take a taxi, so you were late.
    b. If I had known about the accident, I would not have left for London.
    c. If those remains had been discovered by the Japanese, these bath-loving people would have jumped right in.
  2. 主語に仮定の意味が含まれる表現
    a. There is something any Japanese person would be delighted to see.
    b. My sister would not have left the lost cat alone.
  3. 予定・運命などを表す「be + 不定詞」
    a. Mary and I are to meet at the airport at 6:00 this evening.
    b. Together with other people from that area, they were to form the majority of the English people, the Anglo-Saxons.
    c. We looked for her ring, but it was not to be found.